All Nigerian Banks Transfer Codes – Access, UBA, GTB, Wema, Fidelity, Union, Polaris, and Ecobank

If you have ever done a Google search for any of these words: (Diamond Bank Transfer Code, UBA Transfer Code, UBA Internet Banking, First Bank Transfer Code, Ecobank Transfer Code, Union Bank Transfer Code, Access Bank Code, GTBank Transfer Codes, Zenith Bank Code, Polaris Bank Transfer Code, Code To Check BVN, Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, Wema Bank Transfer Code, Access Bank USSD Code, Sterling Bank Transfer Code), then this article is definitely for you.

We will be taking a look at all banking codes in Nigeria, and then we will show you how to use these codes when you want to carry out a transaction fast and easily. First, let’s talk about something all of these banks have, that’s BVN. We will be sharing the Code to Check BVN first, then we will move to the other banking codes we need to talk about.

Code to Check BVN

The Code to Check BVN (Bank Verification Number) is *565*0#. This code will work on all networks, and it works on all banks, from GTBank to even Polaris bank…any Nigerian bank. Each text will cost N20. To receive any kind of reply, you should make a request using the number you have registered at your bank. So, since the Code to Check BVN is out of the way, let’s talk about the UBA Transfer Code.

UBA Transfer Code

UBA Transfer Code is *919#. You will then be given options that you can easily follow to do anything. You can check your balance, top-up airtime, and even make transfers to both UBA and non-UBA accounts super-fast.

Here’s how to install UBA mobile banking app.


  • Airtime to Self — *919*amount#
  • Check Balance — *919*00#
  • Airtime to Others — *919*Phone Number* Amount#
  • UBA Transfer Code to UBA — *919*3*account number*amount#
  • Transfer to Prepaid Card — *919*32#
  • UBA Transfer Code Other Banks — *919*4*account number*amount#
  • Pay Bills — *919*5#
  • ATM Cardless Withdrawal — *919*30*Amount#
  • Airline Ticket Menu — *919*12#
  • Africa World Airline — *919*12*394#
  • Egypt Air — *919*12*077#
  • Ethopian Airline — *919*12*071#
  • Lufthansa — *919*12*220#

Diamond/Access Bank Transfer Code

The Diamond/Access Bank Transfer USSD Code is *901#. Access bank acquired Diamond sometime last year, so there was some sort of merger. You can transfer to both Access and other bank accounts, you can load airtime and conduct virtually all your bank-related transactions easily.

Diamond/Access Bank Transfer USSD Codes

  • Change Pin — *901*0#
  • Check Balance — *901*00#
  • Airtime to Self — *901*Amount#
  • Airtime to Others — *901*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Transfers — *901*Amount*Account Number#
  • Opt-Out (NB: This service is also available to non-Access Bank customers) — *901*911#
  • LCC Toll Account Top-up — *901*000*522+eTag Number+Amount#

First Bank Transfer Code

The First Bank Transfer Code is *894#. I have included all the USSD codes below, to make your life a ton easier.

First Bank USSD Codes

  • First Bank Transfer Code (To any bank in Nigeria) — *894*Amount*Account Number#
  • Airtime Recharge – for self — *894*Amount#
  • Airtime Recharge –for others — *894*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Balance Enquiry — *894*00#

Ecobank Transfer Code

The Ecobank Transfer Code is *326#. These codes can be used for all types of transfers, from airtime top-up to interbank transfers. Let’s take a look at a complete list of Eco bank USSD Codes.

Ecobank USSD Codes

  • Airtime Recharge — *326*1*Amount#

Union Bank Transfer Code

The Union Bank Transfer Code is *826#. You can use any of these codes for transfers, airtime, and interbank transfers.

Union Bank USSD Codes

  • Union Bank Transfer Code for Union Bank — *826*1*amount*account no#
  • For other banks — *826*2*amount*account no#
  • Third-party airtime — *826*amount*recipient’s mobile no#
  • Self-top-up — *826*amount#

GTBank USSD Transfer Code

The GTB Transfer Code is *737#. This code is perfect for transfers, subscriptions, and airtime top-ups.

 GTBank USSD Codes

  • Account Opening — *737*0#
  • Third-Party top-up — *737*amount*recipient’s mobile no#
  • Airtime (Self) — *737*Amount#
  • GTB transfer Code (GTBank) – *737*1*Amount*Nuban#
  • GTB transfer Code (Other Banks) — *737*2*Amount*Nuban
  • Cardless Withdrawal —  *737*3*Amount#
  • Fast Track Deposit — *737*48*Amount*Nuban#
  • Data Purchase — *737*4#
  • Account Balance/Account No/ BVN — 737*6*1#
  • Salary Advance — *737*8*2#

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Zenith Bank Code

Zenith Bank Code for transfers is *966#. This code can be used for virtually all transactions on the Zenith bank platform. Here is a list of other USSD shortcodes:

Zenith Bank USSD Codes

  • Check Balance — *966*00#
  • Zenith Bank Code to Buy Airtime — *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • Zenith Bank Code to Transfer Money — *966*Amount*Account Number#
  • Pay Bills — *966*6*Biller code*Amount#
  • Transaction over 100K — 966*60#
  • Update VPN — *966*BVN#

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

The Polaris Bank Transfer Code is *833#. Here are other codes that can be used for transactions on your phone.

Polaris Bank USSD Codes

  • Open Account — *833*1#
  • Pay Bills — *833*2#
  • Polaris Bank Transfer Code — *833*Amount*Account Number#
  • Check Balance — *833*6#
  • Airtime — *833*AMOUNT#

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Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

The Fidelity Bank Transfer Code (USSD) is *770#. You can easily conduct transactions on your mobile with the dial of a few buttons. Here is a complete list of the USSD Codes for Fidelity bank:

Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

  • Recharge self — *770*AMOUNT#
  • Recharge Others — *770*PHONE*AMOUNT#
  • Fidelity Bank Transfer Code — *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#
  • Cardless withdrawal — *770*8*AMOUNT#
  • Pin Change — *770*00#
  • Balance Check — *770*0#
  • BVN — *770*02#
  • Block Card — *770*911#
  • Alert Types — *770*2#

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Wema Bank Transfer Code

The Wema Bank Transfer Code (USSD) is *945#. This code can be used to carry out all types of transactions from your Wema bank account straight from your mobile phone. Here are the other Wema Bank USSD Codes:

Wema Bank USSD Codes

  • Wema Bank Transfer Code — *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Buy Airtime — *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry — *945*0#
  • Change PIN — *945*00#
  • Get your Account Number — *945*000#
  • Open Account — *945*1#
  • Change account number — *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
  • Account Reactivation — *945*5#
  • Send Money to phone/email — *945*6*amount#
  • Receive/ redeem money — *945*7*confirmationnumber*amount#
  • Cash-on-the-Go — *945*8*amount#
  • Remita Payment — *945*9*RRR#
  • Card Control            — *945*11*last four digits of card pan number#
  • Pay-with-Mobile — *945*12*amount#
  • Receive Western Union — *945*14*MTCN*amount#
  • Generate OTP — *945*15#
  • DSTV Subscription — *945*16*smartcardnumber#
  • GoTV Subscription — *945*17*smartcardnumber#
  • Startimes Payments — *945*18*smartcardnumber*amount#
  • EKO AND IKEJA DISCO — *945*19*metrenumber*amount#
  • Smile Subscription Payments — *945*20*idnumber#
  • Swift4GBroadband subscription — *945*21*idnumber*amount#
  • Merchant Payment — *945*22*MERCHANTCODE*amount#
  • LCC PAYMENT — *945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

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Code to Check BVN

The code to check BVN for all of these banks is *565*0#. This code to check bank verification numbers can be used for all Nigerian banks, and it works on all networks.

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