Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes and Prices 2021

If you are a mobile data user in Nigeria, you’ll likely have searched for MTN data plan codes and prices at one time or the other. Well, in this article, I will be outlining some of the best MTN data plan codes, including some that are super cheap and easy to get.

MTN Nigeria went public sometime last year, and they are now one of the most valuable companies on the Nigerian stock exchange. The company has continually been one of those with the most uptime when it comes to internet connections and prices of their data plans. But users have seen a good load speed, and steady data, so even with the fact that the company always consumes data faster, we have seen users who prefer MTN data plans to others.

So let’s talk about each of the MTN data plans and let’s see what they offer you, and what you stand to gain from each data plan.

MTN data plan codes and prices

We will be breaking our article into two. The first will be the cheapest while the second will be the average plans.

MTN Data Plan Code – Cheapest

The cheapest among the MTN data plan codes and prices is the one you get by dialing *121# you are presented with a list of options, like Recharge Offers 4ME, Data Offers 4ME, and COMBO Bundles 4ME.

These are the cheapest MTN data plans because it’s like a bonanza for people who use their sims often. Since we are talking about MTN data plan codes and prices in this article, our main focus will be the Data Offers 4ME.

When you select the second option which is the Data Offers 4ME, you get a list of offers designed for each subscriber. I got an option to subscribe 20GB for just 3500 and 30GB for 5000. Those are the cheapest MTN data plans you can ever find on the market. Depending on how much you recharge and subscribe, the offers you will be able to choose may be different from others.  The fact that this is the cheapest MTN data plan is the reason why it is on this list of MTN data plan codes and prices.

MTN Data Plan Code – Average

The average MTN data plan you can subscribe is the one you do using the popular *131# code. While I haven’t tried this since I discovered the one above, I believe it still has the best MTN data plan codes and prices. So let’s take a look at the plans under this and see what we can get.

When you select the first, you see a list of data plans. You can choose from daily to monthly plans, depending on your budget. Let’s take a look at each of these and see their prices.

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Daily Plan

  • N50 for 25MB
  • N100 for 75MB
  • N200 for 200MB
  • 300 for 1GB
  • 500 for 2GB

Weekly Data plan

  • N300 for 350MB
  • N500 for 750MB
  • N500 for 500MB+1000Talktime
  • 500 for 1GB
  • 1000 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 6GB

Monthly Plan

  • N1000 for1.5GB
  • N1200 for2GB
  • N1500 for 3GB
  • N2000 for 4.5GB
  • N3500 for 10GB
  • N5000 for 15GB
  • N10000 for 40GB
  • N15000 for 75GB
  • N20000 for 110GB

2 Month Data Plan

  • N20000 for 75GB
  • N30000 for 120GB

3 Month Data Plan

  • N50000 for 150GB
  • N75000 for 250GB

So here they are, all the MTN data plan codes and prices. Which of these have you tried? Did you think you got value for your money? Or do you think it’s a rip-off? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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