How to Activate GOTV after Payment and Clear E16 Error

Are you buying a new GOTV decoder? Or you have not used your GOTV decoder for some time? having it reactivated might be one of your concerns. So I have put this article together to show you how to activate GOTV after payment and clear the E16 Error that comes up.

How to Activate GOTV after Payment

For first time users, activating your GOTV after payment is very easy.

  1. You just visit the GOTV activation page
  2. Enter your city (if you’re in Nigeria, you should make do with selecting only the state when your specific area isn’t in the dropdown)
  3. Enter your surname
  4. Enter your IUC number (the IUC number can be found on the red sticker under the decoder. This number is important, so you shouldn’t remove the sticker, and if you do, write it somewhere).
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Enter the Agent ID (the store you bought the GOTV decoder should give you this number, or they’ll help you enter the number if they are the ones doing the activation).

If you had a decoder that expired and would like to start using the decoder again, you would need to complete the next step.

How to Pay, Activate and Clear E16 Error on GOTV Decoder

If for some reason you haven’t subscribed on your decoder for some time, you would be seeing the E16 error, which is a notification that shows that you don’t have the subscribed access to use certain services or watch certain content, so the first step towards clearing the E16 error is to pay for a new GOTV subscription.

How to Pay For a New GOTV Subscription

  • You can walk into any GOTV shop to have a payment made
  • You can pay at any mobile payment shop around. (Opay, Paga, etc.)
  • You can pay using your mobile banking app. Most banks now have an option to pay bills on the app.
  • You can pay on the GOTV website and mobile app using their payment form

Note: You will need your correct IUC number when making payment. If there is a mistake in the IUC, you’ll either have a failed payment or pay for another user’s subscription.

How to Activate and Clear E16 Error on GOTV Decoder

To activate your new subscription and clear the E16 error on your decoder, turn the decoder on and do any of these.

  • You can call the GOTV customer support with the number you registered with or your IUC number and request that the error message be cleared
  • The second option is to send an SMS with RESET + your IUC number to 4688. (Your network provider might charge you for this and the charges might vary)
  • The third option for activating your GOTV decoder and clearing the E16 error is to visit the GOTV error page. On this page, you will be required to enter your IUC number, select the specific error you’re seeing from the dropdown list, enter the captcha text to verify that you’re human and click Fix Error. This is probably the only free way to clear your GOTV decoder of the E16 and E30 errors.

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How to Do GOTV Decoder Hard Reset + How to Reset With Remote Control

To carry out a GOTV decoder hard reset, hold down the GOTV power button for a few seconds. The decoder will turn off and back on and it should be reset by now.

If you’d like to reset your GOTV decoder with remote, you just have to press and hold the white button on the remote control.

GOTV Customer Care, GOTV Email Address and Contact Number

To contact GOTV, you can send them an email at their email address: [email protected], and/or call them using their contact number: +234 803 904 4688. For faster needs, you might use the GOTV USSD code: *288*1#.

If you’d like to go to their office in Nigeria, you can find GOTV at this address: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, and Lagos State.

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How to Downgrade GOTV Package

The easiest way to downgrade a package on GOTV is to wait for your subscription to expire and then re-subscribe to a new plan. GOTV doesn’t automatically debit your account every month, so you have to always subscribe based on the plan you want.

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