Cheap MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes for Calls

Every MTN subscriber will like to join an MTN tariff plan that is cheap.
Through the past years, MTN has introduced many tariff plans for cheap voice calls and data.

Do you want to migrate to a cheap MTN tariff plan which you can call family and friends at a cheap rate?

I have written this post on MTN tariffs so that you can decide on which one is best for you and has the best call rate.

How to check your MTN Tariff Plan

Before you migrate to another tariff plan, you might want to check your current plan.

It is important to know your current plan so that you can know its pros and cons.

To check your current MTN Tariff Plan, dial *123*1*2#.

MTN Tariff Plans and their Call Rates

I believe everyone looking for a good tariff plan will choose it based on their rates for voice calls.

Let’s go straight to the list below.

How to Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

The Xtraspecial plan has a very good voice call rate for its subscribers and the best part is that it does not have a daily subscription fee.
They have a call rate of N9/min which goes down to 15kb/s to all networks. You also have the chance to add an International number which you will be able to call at the same rate.

Advantages of XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

  • No daily subscription fee
  • Flate call rate of 15k/sec for national calls
  • Call rate of 15k/sec to selected international numbers
  • Share and sell available.

Disadvantage of MTN Xtraspecial Tariff plan

  • Night data plan subscription is not available.

How to Migrate to XtraSpecial MTN Tariff Plan

To migrate to MTN Xtra Special, simply Dial the USSD code *408# and press 1 to Migrate.

MTN Beta Talk MTN Tariff Plan

The MTN Beta Talk gives you 250% bonus on every recharge above N100 and 150% Bonus for recharge below N100. They also give you 10MB data every week for every amount you recharge.

The MTN Beta Talk rate for national calls is 40k/second or 24Naira/ minute.

Advantages of MTN Beta Talk

  • You get 250% on every recharge above N100
  • 150% bonus on recharge below N100
  • No daily subscription fee
  • No high first call charge rates.

Disadvantages of Beta Talk

  • High voice call rate of 40k/sec.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

  • To migrate to MTN Beta Talk, dial *123*2*6#.

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Code to migrate to True Talk+ MTN Tariff Plan

This MTN tariff plan will charge you a daily access fee of N5 after the first call of the day.

They have a cheap call rate of 11k/second to national Numbers and 20k/second for international calls.

How to Migrate to MTN True Talk+ Tariff Plan

To migrate to MTN True talk+, dial *123*20#.

Which MTN plan is the cheapest for calls

MTN True Talk is the cheapest MTN tariff plan for calls.

MTN PULSE Tariff Plan

The MTN pulse is the most popular tariff plan and this is because of the data it gives it subscribers for every recharge.

The MTN Pulse have a flat call rate of 15k/second to other MTN Numbers or 11k/second after the first minute.

They charge you 15k/sec for calls outside campus and a rate of 11k/second on campus after spending 40k/second for one minute of the first call of the day.

The call rate for MTN to MTN calls is the same as that of MTN to other networks.

Benefits of MTN Pulse Tariff plan 

  • A flat call rate of 11k/second to MTN and other networks after using N10 daily
  • MTN music streaming at N10/day
  • Night Browsing subscription Plan at N25 per day
  • Data bonus on every recharge.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

  • To migrate to MTN pulse, just dial *406#.

Advantages of MTN Pulse

  • Flat voice call rate of 11k/sec to all networks
  • N25 for 500MB Night plan data
  • N500 for 1GB data subscription valid for 7days.

Disadvantages of MTN Pulse

  • No specific charge on international calls
  • No bonus on recharge
  • You will be charged at 20k/sec for the first 1minute of the day.

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MTN Zone Tariff plan

The MTN zone tariff plan will charge you based on your location.

Depending on your location, some people get cheap call rates of up to 1k/second for MTN to MTN calls and to other networks.

Benefits of MTN Zone

  • Access to MTN value Added Services
  • Cheat call rates of up to 1k/sec for MTN to MTN calls.

How to Migrate to MTN Zone

  • To Migrate to MTN zone, Dial *135*1#.

MTN SuperSaver Plus

With the MTN supersaver plus, you get a cheap voice call rate of 15k per second to MTN Numbers and a call rate of 40k/second.

You will only enjoy the supersaver plus MTN tariff plan if most of the numbers you call are MTN numbers because the rate to which you will call other networks is too high.

How to Migrate to Supersaver Plus

  • To migrate to MTN Supersaver Plus, just dial *408#.

AWUFU MTN Tariff Plan

This plan gives you a 300% bonus every time you recharge your card with an amount of N100 and above. As or recharge below N100, you will be given a 200% bonus.

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How to Migrate to MTN Awufu Tariff Plan

  • To migrate to MTN Awufu Tariff Plan, simply dial *888*PIN#.

MTN Trutalk

The MTN trutalk is one of the cheapest mtn tariff plans.

It has a voice call rate of 20k/sec for MTN calls and a rate of 26k/sec to other networks.

This MTN tariff plan also gives you a 150% bonus on every recharge above N100.

Advantages of MTN Trutalk tariff plan

  • Cheap Voice Call rate of 20k/sec.

Disadvantages of MTN trutalk

  • MTN night plan subscription not available.
  • A little bit high voice call rate of 26k/sec to other networks.

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I have seen questions about

Cheapest MTN tariff Plan 2020?

MTN tariff plan?

Cheap tariff plans for call?

Well, you will be the one to choose the right plan for you. There is nothing like “best MTN tariff plans” and this is because every plan has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Which MTN Tariff Plan are you currently using? Let’s read from your comment below.

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