Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes for Android and Other Devices

Cheap Airtel data plans for android, blackberry, and IOS phones and their subscription codes.

In this post, you will learn about Airtel data plans and their subscription codes.

Airtel is one of the leading internet service providers in Nigeria. Providing cheap data plans for their subscribers.

Recently, they have upgraded their system so that they can provide us with a fast internet connection.

Their bundles are among the cheapest of all other network’s data plans and this is why so many people switch to the Airtel network.

One amazing thing about Airtel is that they have 4G data plans and 3G data plans separately depending on your choice. 

The Airtel 4G data plans are very cheap and are meant for those who don’t use their data subscription to download from the web. It has a Weekly and monthly validity period depending on the Plan you choose to buy.

List of Airtel Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

They are categorized based on their validity periods.

Daily Bundles

Airtel 1 Day data subscription:

The one-day data plan gives you 50MB worth of data for just N100. You can easily subscribe to this data plan by dialing *410#.

3 days of data subscription:

This plan has a validity period of 3 days and it gives you 100MB worth of data for N200. To subscribe to this data plan, simply dial *412#.

Weekly Plans

As the name implies, the weekly plans have a validity period of 1 week. To subscribe to this plan, you can dial *417#.

Monthly subscriptions

This Airtel data plan has a validity period of 30days that is why it is called the monthly data plan.

The monthly subscription has many data plans which you can choose from depending on your data requirement. 

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1.5GB for N1000 Data plan: This gives you 1.5GB worth of data for N1000 valid for 30days. Dial *496# to subscribe.

3.5GB for N2000: With this, you get 3.5GB data for N2000 naira. This is a little bit of a higher value than subscribing to the 1.5GB plan twice in a month. To subscribe to this bundle, dial this code *437#.

5GB for N2500: If you are the kind of person that finds it difficult to manage the 1.5GB data for a month, you should consider buying this. It also has a 30 Days validity period. To subscribe for this bundle, dial the code *437*1#.

7GB for N3500: This gives you 7GB for N3500 and is valid for a period of 30Days. To Subscribe to this, Dial this code *438#.

For those that use data heavily, there are some Airtel data plans created for you.

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9GB for N4000: This plan was created for those that like downloading with their mobile data. It has a validity period of 30 days. To subscribe to this, simply dial this USSD code *438*1#.

12GB for N5000: You get 12GB for N5000. Wow, this is too expensive. Simply dial the USSD code *452# to subscribe.

Weekend Plans

As for those that like to browse the internet at a low cost, there are subscriptions that you can opt-in for and browse with but works only on weekends.

200 Weekend bundle: This Airtel Data plan gives you 200MB for N200 and it only works on weekends. Dial *473# to subscribe. You can start using this from noon Saturday to midnight Sunday.

500 Weekend plan: This bundle gives you 500MB for N500. And it has the same usage period as the 200 Naira weekend bundle.

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Time-Based Data Bundles

The time-based subscriptions are for unlimited use and they have a very short validity period. These bundles are mostly used by those who want to download heavy files from the internet.

There are various time-based Airtel data plans which are the following.

30 Minutes Bundle: It has a time limit of 30 minutes and your time starts reading from the time you ‘on’ your data but you can use it unlimitedly until it expires. You will be charged N300 for this. Dial *439*3# to subscribe.

60 Minutes Bundle: It has a time limit of 60 minutes and your time starts reading from the time you on your data. You will be charged N500 for this plan. Dial *439*4# to subscribe.

120 Minutes bundle: This is also an unlimited subscription with a usage period of 120minutes which costs the N1000 subscription fee.

WTF Bundles

The WTF bundles are designed for social networks only. To subscribe to this, dial *990#

Opera mini Subscription

As for this, it only works for opera mini browsers and with just N300, you can browse unlimitedly on your mobile device and Pc for a period of 30days.

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How to check your Airtel Data Plan Balance

You can easily check your balance by dialing *223# or *140#.
We will like to read your comments below on which Airtel data plan you prefer.


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